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Over 35 Aircraft outside!

Did you know that McClellan Air Force Base used to be a fighter modification and repair facility? Come visit our extensive fighter collection and more!

Fighters are especially interesting because they embody the utmost example of speed, power, and “glamour” of an aircraft. They are naturally the best examples of the most advanced technology of their time.

Our Top Picks

F-80 Shooting Star

Tech milestone: America’s 1st operational jet fighter, and 1st capable of exceed 500 mph in level flight. The type was first flown in 1944; AMC’s F-80 was delivered to USAF in January 1948. Originally, an air superiority fighter; however in Korea it was an effective fighter-bomber.

F-100D Super Sabre

From the mid 1950s era, the F-100D Super Sabre was the first US fighter capable of super-sonic speed in level fight.

F-102 Delta Dagger

Super sonic delta wing interceptor that introduced “Area-rule,” coke bottle shaped fuselage design that greatly enhanced speed and duration. All subsequent designs incorporated this feature.

F-86 Sabre

Swept wing MiG killer of Korean conflict which utilized captured German designs combined with advanced American research. The F-86 was the first US fighter capable of exceeding the speed of sound in a dive.

F-104B Star Fighter

Very advanced mid ‘50s aerodynamic design, mach 2+ air superiority interceptor. Top speed was limited by high air-friction skin temperatures, not lack of power or aerodynamic drag.

AMC’s F-104B is one of only 26 built. It served many years at NASA’s Flight Test Center at Edwards AFB, and was flown by many famous test pilot/ astronauts performing Space Shuttle training, and high speed “chase” for the exotic research aircraft such as the X-15.

C-53D Sky Trooper

Military version of the famous Douglas DC-3 airliner. AMC’s C-53 is a true hero plane that flew resupply missions supporting combat operations in France following D-Day, June 6th, 1944 as well as trips to Bastogne and Arnhem in WWII.

F-4C Phantom II

Twin engine, two place, long range, super sonic, all weather interceptor, fighter-bomber flown extensively in Vietnam. The F-4 was flown simultaneously by USAF, Navy, and Marines; additionally it was flown by both Navy Blue Angels and USAF Thunderbirds flight demonstration teams during the same period.

A-10 Thunderbolt II

Hard hitting Cold War attack plane that was used extensively in both Gulf Wars. Equipped with a furious 30mm Gau anti-tank cannon, the A-10 is the only US aircraft specifically designed to support ground troops in direct contact with the enemy. Our A-10 was heavily damaged in Gulf War I, and subsequently repaired at McClellan AFB’s combat repair center.

F-101 Voodoo

First USAF fighter capable of 1000 mph in level flight.

Get up Close & Personal

How long does it take to build an engine? How many people are involved in the design of an engine?

Our knowledgeable docents can teach you the history behind the engines, the evolution of their design and craftsmanship. Learn how all of these things informed aviation technology to this day. From the earliest piston engines to rocket engines, the Aerospace Museum of California is one of the few museums that allows you to get up close and personal with our engine artifacts. Touch and interact with these magnificent pieces of aviation and aerospace history.

Climb Into the pilot’s seat

A rare opportunity to experience what it’s like in the pilot’s cabin!
“I had such a great time. I’ve always dreamt of flying a plane, and the Flight Zone got me this much closer to my dream. A real pilot sat next to me and guided me through the whole time. I definitely recommend this.”
Jake B.

come explore flight

What makes a huge, heavy aircraft fly in the air? Ever wonder how things fly? We’ve got answers!


Our Fastest Aircraft is the F-4C Phantom II, reaching speeds of 1600mph!


The Heaviest Aircraft in our collection is the Boeing 727 with a weight of 98,040 lbs!


Our Lightest Aircraft is the Rutan Model 54 Quickie with a weight of only 290 lbs!


The Oldest Aircraft in our collection is the Douglas C-53D Skytrooper, dating from July 1943.

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